Real Rock, Country & Blues from Oz & around the Globe



Our Mission:

At Raw Roots Rock we aim to foster the music of new Rock artists, provide a home for the music of those who have dedicated their life to the genre, and preserve the history and tradition of the pioneers and greats who assisted with the birth and development of Rock music. We also want to highlight musicians from the musical forms that gave rock its roots, and now continue to prosper parallel to it – Country Music and The Blues. We believe that much of the best new rock, and guitar-based music in general, is coming from country artists. There appears to be a heart, guts, and honesty from these acts that is sadly lacking from much of the soul-less commercial music today. Just as it held such an important role in its inception, Country Music may now hold the future of Rock.


How Raw Roots Rock rates music:

Good musicianship

Though virtuosity is to be admired and can be advantageous, technical mastery is not the exclusive ingredient in good musicianship. There is also timing, rhythm, and ear for a good tune, and those intangible but all-important qualities – heart and feel. There is a place for both meticulous fret-work and simple three-chord riffery. Power and subtlety are instinctive touches that come from the soul and cannot necessarily be taught.

Good vocals

Again, this can include technical ability and range, but passion, distinctiveness, delivery, and that all–important heart, are just as vital to a strong vocal performance or recording. A memorable vocalist has a talent to captivate the listener with his tones, and convey a range of emotions including Anger, Sorrow, Vulnerability, Strength, Frustration, Longing, Regret, Peace, Joy, Love, and Lust.

Good Lyrics

Though elaborate poetry can be arousing in a lyric, stark narratives and simple phrases can be just as engaging. It may evoke an image, tell a tale, or simply capture an emotion or feeling that is permanent or merely a moment in time. As much as intricate wordsmiths can take you on a wonderful journey of the mind, and others can paint a compelling story or convey a relatable feeling, sometimes simply the joy of the medium captured in the lyric is enough: Wop Bop a Loo Bop a Wop Bam Boom!