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Quirky but brilliant, US alternative pop/rock singer/songwriter/pianist Ben Folds, has reformed his trio the Ben Folds Five for their first album together in thriteen years, “The Sound of The Life of The Mind”. The band reunited in 2011 to record three songs for Folds’ all-encompassing retrospective set “Best Imitation of Myself”, which sat alongside Folds classics such as “Brick”, “Rockin’ the Suburbs”, “Still Fighting It” and “You Don’t Know Me”. They had also reunited in September 2008 for a one-off concert performance. The trio formed in 1993, with the other two members being bass player Robert Sledge and drummer Darren Jessee, and they initially released three albums between 1995 and 1999, plus “Naked Baby Pictures”, a compilation of outtakes and live material.

Ben Folds Five’s most successful, and best known single was the tale of teenage abortion “Brick” which made UK# 26 and Aus# 13 in 1998, as well as making the top 20 in the US Airplay, Modern Rock, and Adult Contemporary charts. With four failed marriages, Folds has a plethora of relationship-based lyrical fodder, which he relates with candor and refreshing honesty, and often accompanied with a self-effacing humour and wit. “The Sound of The Life of The Mind” (quite a mouthful!) has become Folds’ most successful chart album, with or without his Five, debuting at number 10 in the US, narrowly beating 2008’s “Way To Normal” (US# 11) and 2005’s “Songs for Silverman” (US# 13), which reached number 9 in Australia during the time Folds was a full-time resident in that country.


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